South Yarra Strength is a niche Personal Training Studio located in the heart of Prahran, you'll find us nestled between iconic Greville Street, Prahran Square & The Prahran Market.  Specialising in weights training, strength programming and weight loss.  South Yarra Strength prides itself on not having ridden fast fashion fitness waves and instead delivers you the reality of eating well and training hard.  There's no magic, no quick fix, but an education into a better body, mind and self.

Because your best you, is our strength.



Thanks to the ageing process, after 30 you loose half a kilo of lean muscle mass per year*.  Lack or loss of lean muscle mass diminishes the bodies ability to stabilise, control, function & inevitably be able to enjoy life as you currently know it. 

Whether you're looking to build muscle for longevity, rehabilitation or aesthetics, the coaches of SYS are here to navigate your goals and programming with you.  


From small niggles to post-surgery rehabilitation our coaches have had hands on experience & success with a broad range of pathologies. Including; CAM & hip impingements, bulging discs, osteoarthritis, hernias, scoliosis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, torn muscles, diastisis recti or separated abdomen, migraines, mood disorders & the all too common lower back pain.


Don't let pain and discomfort put an end to living.

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3:1 Small Group Personal Training, personalised programming & an individual approach to your training in the company of likeminded and driven clients.  Whether you've some experience with weights training or are looking for a community or training partners to motivate you, our 3:1 delivers the same quality of Personal Training in a fun group setting. 










Without tracking where you've been, how do we determine where you're headed? With our custom designed South Yarra Strength App, you'll have access to your programs at your fingertips. Your customized 4-8 week program will be loaded onto the system with each exercise explained in detail through video demonstration. Stay accountable to your goals and train intelligently with the use of our new technology. Link the app with My Fitness Pal to track your nutrition, post progress photos and enjoy the ease of communication with your trainer.

“Alan, you've always made my sessions fun and challenging - wouldn't miss them for anything. I've never been stronger and in better health since training with you. Thanks Alan for working with me to always get results”

Neil Davis


“I honestly doubt that I would have stuck with my training as long as I have if it weren't for Danae, a woman I respect, admire, and love a whole lot. Would not be where I am today without her. I don't go to my sessions because I have to, but because we have fun and I want to”

Jacqui Wong


"I came to see Alan in 2018 after severe back and ankle injury. I was extremely nervous about training again and had lost all of my confidence. Alan has been extremely patient and supportive every step of the way. He has never pushed me beyond what I can achieve, and I have always felt confident in his knowledge and ability to know what works best for me.

The constant encouragement and motivation from the team at South Yarra Strength has helped me rebuild my confidence in the gym!"

Clare Miraed


Danae & Alan have created a friendly, fun & challenging atmosphere to train in. Having trained with Danae for a number of years her knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail are second to none, creating programs suited to achieving goals, bettering my overall lifestyle, health and mindset. Alan & Danae genuinely care about each of their clients and are an absolute joy to work with!

Highly recommended.

David Williams

Danae is an exceptional trainer. Her extensive knowledge and emphasis on correct technique hones the mind-body connection, ensuring you will continue to learn about your strengths, capabilities and potential at every visit.

Sue Giagnorio

My partner and I train with Alan - he is highly qualified and as a result has an incredible understanding of all aspects of physiology, strength and nutrition. 


He knows exactly how to push you to achieve your goals and most importantly of all makes every session fun, even after a long day at work:) Nothing is ever too much hassle for him and he works hard to get the most out of every minute of your session.


I can’t recommenced Alan and the team at SYS enough!

Dave Barry


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